A Land Listener's Workshop, Sept 16-18, 2016 in Vermont

The Soil Carbon Coalition presents…
A Land Listeners’ Workshop
Empowering Communities…Regenerating Landscapes
with Didi Pershouse, author of The Ecology of Care
September 16-18, East Thetford, VT

This workshop is for people who want to learn how to monitor landscapes and get involved in Soil Carbon Coalition citizen-science projects. Our regional projects empower farmers, students, and communities to be able to see, monitor, and map changes in whole systems landscape function. By doing this, we can increase participation in the joyful work of regenerating fertile soil, clean water, and thriving local economies.

We have three interconnected projects: our Climate, Water, Soil & Hope curriculum; the international Soil Carbon Challenge; and our new participatory online data map, the Atlas of Biological Work. In all of these, we are aiming for a different kind of science, which allows everyday people to investigate the impact of human management on living systems and ecosystem services.

We are already receiving more requests for land monitoring, workshops, talks, and school residencies than we can currently fulfill. So we’ve decided to create a team of “Land Listeners” who can guide other people through a learning process.

Our goal for this initial training is to help folks learn ways to monitor changing landscape function, and show ways to engage schools and communities in monitoring, so that your community can get feedback on land management, evaluate local land-use policies, and feel competent to take charge of their watershed health. We will cover:

  • Seeing landscape function on a systems-wide basis
  • Connections between soil microbiology, carbon flows, and water flows
  • Soil health principles
  • Mapping and monitoring changes over time in soil health and land function,
    such as: soil carbon, bulk density and compaction, water infiltration, biological diversity, and production per unit of input

Cost: $300 (includes lunch on Saturday and Sunday). Limited to 15 participants.
Scholarships are available upon request, thanks to the Wellborn Ecology Fund.
Schedule: Workshop begins Friday at 3 pm, and ends Sunday at 3 pm.

For more information or to register, please contact:

Lyndsay Rose: lyndsayschandel@gmail.com (413) 281-3056
or Didi Pershouse: ecologyofcare@gmail.com (802) 785-2503