Stockmanship: Low-Stress Livestock Handling Seminar, Pacific Grove, California

Presented By The Whole Picture Consulting, LLC & Sustain Environmental and Sponsored by The Paicines Ranch and TomKat Ranch Educational Foundation. A one-Day Pre-Conference Seminar at EcoFarm Asilomar – Pacific Grove, California. For the Rancher, Farmer and Natural Resource Manager. Be on the leading edge of livestock and land management with this introductory workshop on Stockmanship & Low-Stress Livestock Handling Basics. Join instructors Richard McConnell and Tina Williams of Hand ‘n Hand Livestock Solutions; Whit Hibbard, Editor/Publisher of the Stockmanship Journal; Kent Reeves of The Whole Picture Consulting; and a panel of Stockmanship practitioners– Stacy Claitor, TomKat Ranch and LeftCoast GrassFed; Roger Ingram, University of California Cooperative Extension; and Aaron Lazanoff, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. $175 registration fee. Includes an organic lunch. For Information and Registration: