Allan Savory keynote and workshop, Seattle, Washington

Workshop (1-5 pm)

Holistic Management: A framework for making decisions with truly sustainable benefits

The decisions that we make every day can have a huge impact on our environment, financial security and social well-being.

Allan Savory will conduct a half-day workshop designed to teach participants how to use the Holistic Management framework to make good decisions on topics including what food to eat, what career risks to take and how to create and analyze policies. He will also talk about how to test your decisions – and continually monitor them – to make sure that they are accomplishing your goals and avoiding unintended social, environmental or economic consequences.

Keynote (7 pm)

Eating our Way to a Healthy Planet: Can how we eat help reduce climate change?

Agriculture and livestock production are often named as major contributors to climate change and other environmental problems such as poor air quality, polluted water supplies and degraded land. There is truth in these accusations, but the blame needs to be focused on the way that the food is being produced; not the food itself. This realization can help consumers make decisions about buying and eating food that actually sustains our environment instead of hurting it.

Allan Savory will talk about how a holistic approach to food production can bring the land back to life, increasing the amount of carbon being sequestered in the soil. Allan will also discuss how consumer behavior can create market pulls that will result in large-scale changes in how food is produced, which in turn can greatly reduce the impacts of climate change. These decisions can make a difference in the health of our planet and the people who live on it.