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Discovering the Carbon Cycle: Alpine, Texas

This 4-hour participatory workshop begins with the fascinating story of the (ongoing) discovery of biological carbon cycling, its increasing relevance to the problems and opportunities of today such as flooding, drought, food security, and climate change. With some exceptions, our three major sectors -- government, private business, and the nonprofit sector -- have proven ill-suited, particularly on their own, to managing the carbon cycle well at the soil surface. What opportunities does a practical understanding of carbon cycling offer to decision making and leadership? What might be the paths of creativity, cooperation, and innovation? What are we doing to shift from managing AGAINST what we don't want, to managing FOR what we want and need?

Location: Turner Range Animal Science Center, Sul Ross State University, Room 128 (

TIME: 12:30pm - 5 pm

PETER DONOVAN is founder of the Soil Carbon Coalition, which seeks to advance the practice, and broaden public awareness of the opportunity, of turning atmospheric carbon into water-holding, fertility-enhancing soil organic matter. He is currently on a yearlong tour of North America doing baseline soil carbon measurements for the Soil Carbon Challenge. More info at

Workshop sponsored by the Dixon Water Foundation