Discovering the Carbon Cycle: Fort Worth, Texas

a participatory workshop led by Peter Donovan of the Soil Carbon Coalition, for scientists and nonscientists, farmers and nonfarmers.

What are the incentives for dividing an opportunity (enhancing the carbon cycle) into multiple, competing problems? What can we do to enlarge our view?

Participants will learn:

• how and why the carbon cycle was recognized by scientists from the 1600s to the present
• three ways of imagining change in nature from the last two centuries that still govern imaginations and beliefs today
• the broad ways in which human actions and decisions affect carbon cycling (and thus water)
• what the carbon cycle perspective suggests about our opportunities for increasing resilience
• why institutional, top-down, programmatic approaches are ill-adapted to enhancing carbon and water cycling.

Participants will have an opportunity to hear each other's responses, share their own, and contribute their creativity and individual perspectives on ways to move forward in managing carbon cycling.

PLACE: Texas Christian University Wesley Center, 2750 West Lowden, Fort Worth, Texas
TIME: 10 AM - noon; 1 PM - 3 PM
SPONSORED by Diverse Microbial Solutions and the Dixon Water Foundation