Discovering the Carbon Cycle: Middlebury College, Vermont

Most of what we hear about carbon, and the global carbon cycle, is
threatening and negative. It's a bad situation, and we don't seem to
have much power or leverage over it.

All of our environmental and economic issues depend on the ways carbon
and water move, on every scale from the square foot of soil surface to
the entire globe. Human decisions have an enormous influence on the
way these cycles function. And underlying human decisions are our
beliefs, often based on past experience and training.

Peter Donovan has been establishing soil carbon baseline measurements
on progressive and innovative ranches and farms in the west, and is
currently traveling eastward doing the same. He will tell the
fascinating and little-known story of the discovery of the carbon
cycle, its relation to water, describe what some of these innovative
ranchers and farmers are doing to enhance these functions, and
facilitate a discussion on ways to take advantage of these enormous

BiHall 219 on the Middlebury campus