Portland presentation

This is the presentation I used in Portland. It seemed to work very well for the most part. The System Error page--if the audience wants F1 or F2, go ahead and press them. To get back to System Error, press F4. Eventually they will choose F3.

The spinner is my "spin" on global warming. Click the spinner to spin again, it's random.

On the belief pages with the smileys as bullets, I click the smiley as I discuss the failure of each belief. Then click again to explain how the failure of that belief opens an opportunity.

The "wiring diagram" of the biosphere from the Jackson Hole gathering of 1985 is blurry on this display size. The central circle is labeled Soil history, and we have hardly begun to catch up to this insight.

The slide with bands of blue, trees, and soil is a graph showing the relative sizes of the carbon pools.