Introduction to Holistic Decision Making with Tony Malmberg

Where: Freshwater Trust Conference Room, 65 SW Yamhill Street, Suite 200, Portland, OR, 8 am to 5 pm

Instructors: Tony Malmberg

Price: $350 per person

Group Discounts Available: contact tmalmberg at savoryinstitute dot com

Overview: Societies hopes, dreams and our very lives rest precariously on the foundation of our planet's ecosystem. Deterioration of life's foundation happens because people do not make holistic decisions. These decisions may be unconscious but that doesn't excuse us from the consequences.

Holistic Decision Making keeps us conscious of our decisions and their likely consequences by using a Framework that guides us towards more profitable, happier, and ecologically sustainable lives.

The ecosystem anchors our lives and participants will learn the symptoms of ecosystem health and the six tools we know of to affect our planet's ecosystem function. More importantly, they will learn how ecosystems respond differently in different environments. Finally, they will learn that there are only three things that we can actually manage to reverse global warming, sustain our rivers, stabilize our economy, and improve our physical health.

Please download complete agenda here. To register, go to the Savory Institute website.