BP oil spill is now gushing towards Pensacola Beach

The BP oil spill has yet to be stopped, and it was reported that an oil slick will soon be covering the coast of Florida. An oil slick will likely soon be on the Gulf Coast of Florida, as an oil slick was spotted a couple of miles off the Florida coast. Pensacola, Fla, and especially Pensacola Beach will be hard hit. Pensacola is a popular vacation spot, and tourism is likely to suffer heavy losses.

Source for this article: Oil heads for Pensacola Beach - BP oil spill nevertheless gushing

Pensacola Beach soon to be covered

According to MSNBC, an oil sheen was seen just seven miles from the coast near Pensacola, Fla. Summer, and thus the tourist season is starting soon, which makes for the worst possible timing for the Gulf Coast tourist trade. It already is costing a drastic amount of easy cash loans to clean up. Hundreds of miles of coastline are already soaking up oil along the coasts of Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi - and now Florida. The fallout for BP is immense, and it isn’t known what the cleanup is going to cost the oil company or taxpayers.

Top kill and other attempts have no success yet

Several different tries to stop the flow of oil have come to naught. A method called top kill was tried, where mud was pumped to the pipe to stop the leak, but it failed. Currently, a cut and cap effort is underway, where remote controlled robots would slice a section of pipe away and install a cap over the end. According to CNN, that is not meeting with a lot of results. It isn't known how long it will take to plug the pipe.

BP reeling

Along with implication in one of the worst ecological disasters in the last decade, a BP criminal investigation has begun. Meanwhile, BP’s stock is plummeting. The total damage from the Gulf of Mexico oil leak won't be known for a long time to come.

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