Mixed-grass Wyoming rangeland

On mixed-grass Wyoming rangeland, heavy grazing (.56 steers per ha, continuous grazing, about 135% of recommended U.S. Dept. of Agriculture-NRCS stocking rate) accumulated around 13 tons of carbon per hectare in comparison to the exclosure, over a 12-year period.

"We found that 12 yr of livestock grazing, after >40 yr of exclusion of both fire and livestock, resulted in a significant increase in the masses of soil C and N in the root zone (0-30 cm) of the soil profile."

Using standard U.S. Environmental Protection Agency figures for enteric methane from cattle, this trial's soil carbon sequestration exceeded probable year-round methane output by the .56 steers per hectare by a factor of four, in carbon dioxide equivalent.

Ecological Applications 9(1), 1999, 65-71