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West Wind Farm

Westwind Farm is a hill farm that finishes steers on grass-clover pastures. Two-inch soil samples were measured for organic matter. In 2002, the pastures averaged 4.1% organic matter. In 2007, the average was 8.3%. The estimated tonnage was 1.85 T C per ha per yr, or about 3 tons CO2 per acre per yr. According to an article in the Grassfed Gazette:

During 1987-2007, we applied no chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides. We believe this policy increases the biological life in the soil and increases the rate of carbon sequestration. All manure was deposited in the pastures, thus minimizing methane emissions. For nitrogen we relied on clover, minimizing the formation and emission of nitrous oxide. Furthermore, according to the British Institute of Grassland and Environmental Research (as reported in Stockman Grass Farmer, May 2008), "Incorporation of legumes into a pasture would dramatically cut methane emissions." (Probably that means methane emissions from enteric fermentation.) During 2000-2008, we practiced daily rotational grazing on our best pastures and two to three day rotations on lesser pastures. Thus we had a pulsing effect with each rotation, utilizing photosynthesis to pull CO2 into the plant and then into the roots, which partially died following each rotation, leaving decaying roots that became organic matter.

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