Grounding workshop, Mission, Oregon

A one-day workshop on the fundamental processes that drive the earth's ecosystem.

Adults and mature youth can experiment with perspectives on ecosystem processes such as energy flow and water cycling, which may contrast significantly with species-based views.

Workshop participants will understand why many popular policies do not work, and realize the many opportunities everyone has for enhancing ecosystem processes on a variety of scales. They will also gain some experience in listening with respect, in understanding human conflicts resulting from change, stereotypes, and scarcity, and in understanding power struggles.

This is a participatory workshop, some of it outside, led by Peter Donovan of

Tamastslikt Cultural Institute
Friday, November 20, 9 am to 5 pm
(lunch provided if we know you are coming)

Those interested should contact Ashleigh Wolf at 966-9411 or ashleighwolf at

sponsored by Department of Science and Engineering, CTUIR
Wallowa Resources, Enterprise