Holistic Management Policy course

Two-day policy analysis course taught by Terry Gompert, Christina Allday-Bondy, and Joel Benson. Center, Nebraska.

Key Outcomes
• The purpose of policy
• How to diagnose a natural resource issue
• How to diagnose social or economic issues
• How to analyze a policy or project
• How to design a policy or project that will effectively
address issues
• How the Holistic Management Framework is
integrated into policy or project analysis and
• How to use the policy or project design & analysis
project in a variety of contexts
The purpose of a policy is to either
# Solve a problem or
# Prevent a foreseeable problem

The same is true for projects. With Holistic Management, we first use a diagnostic process to determine what the problem is and what is the root cause of that problem. We do this to better determine the appropriate actions to address that root cause as well as address short-term needs. With Holistic Management, we can either analyze an existing policy or project or design new ones that actually create healthy land and thriving communities and economies. This training will especially be valuable to public board members such as school boards, supervisors/commissioners, NRD boards, city boards, zoning boards, and more. Members from the same board are one fee. There is a money back satisfaction guarantee on the course. Scholarships are available for Knox County residents.