The UK is starting to wake up

The National Beef Association in the UK has at last realised the place cattle can play in reducing atmospheric carbon and has started pushing the message

The UK is indeed waking up - particularly to its predicament with regard to lack of food security.
In just 2 years the agriculture ministry (DEFRA) has gone from declaring that, as a developed nation,
food production is not a strategic concern, as we can buy whatever we need on world markets -
over to declaring an evident lack of faith in world food security, a policy reversal regarding farming's relevance,
and even publicly encouraging UK householders to produce as much of their own food as possible.

As a farmer myself (in the Cambrian Mountains on 160 acres of high sheltered valley [including coppices & marshland]
with mountain common rights for 700 ewes) the end of the suppression of traditional farming would be very welcome.
I suspect that what the SCC is proposing is going to be very relevant for the new UK livestock farming policies,
with our exceptional forest growth rates also giving a good justification for the parallel production & use of Biochar.

It's a real pleasure to find this site.