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Crop irrigation with carbon dioxide gas


No area of soil is to smal to use carbon in, you can apply carbon on one single pot plant if you want to. All depends on the source of your carbon. There are many different sources of carbon for example Biodynamic 500 is just carbon but if you don't want to look around for this substance you can use saw dust which is over 2/3 carbon and has approximately over 60 other nutrients within it. I always use saw dust, it has plenty of food for the soil microorganisms. If you sprinkle a hand full of saw dust to a square metre you notice your plants will get healthier right away. There is another way you can put carbon into water if you buy a bag of charcoal and put some of the bits of charcoal into your watering can or spray pack and let them soak in the water over night.
In the morning the water will be full of carbon and you can water your plants with it.
You have to be carful how much carbon you use in your soil, if you use to much carbon your plants will mature to early. This is because mother earth operates on a carbon to nitrogen ratio if you have too much nitrogen in your soil the plants will be getting eaten by insects or they will get tall and fall over.
These two problems can be solved by adding a bit of carbon to the soil.
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Wade Mann