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Holistic Management course by Kirk Gadzia, Pueblo, Colorado

We hope you are already on your way to a productive and prosperous 2011. Resource Management Services would like to help you meet your personal, business, and family goals this year.

We are offering a six day comprehensive Holistic Management training course in Pueblo, Colorado, February 14-19. Holistic Management is a producer proven process that has been helping people in all types of agricultural businesses worldwide for 25 years. Because this approach manages finances, land and people as a whole, it consistently creates better results and fewer unexpected problems.

The first three days gives you all the information and skills you need to immediately begin improving your land and bottom line. The second session can be taken independently of the introductory segment, and provides the practical details for financial, grazing and land planning.
Whether you are just starting out in your own enterprise or have a lifetime of experience, the holistic approach to resource management offers you the tools and planning skills to make significant strides towards the entire goal you have for your land, finances and family.

For more details, please visit our website:
Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to visit with someone in your area who has previously attended the course.
Again, all the best in 2011 and hope to see you soon.

Kirk Gadzia
Resource Management Services LLC
P.O. Box 1100
Bernalillo, NM 87004
505-263-8677 web