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Soil Carbon Challenge baseline tour 2011

Doug McDaniel and Peter Donovan as Peter prepares to leave Lostine, Oregon on a cross-country soil carbon monitoring trip, July 21, 2011

The tour has begun, thanks to supporters and sponsors of the Soil Carbon Challenge! I've spent the last two months converting a used schoolbus into a mobile camper, and moving (and downsizing) into it. I will be on tour for the rest of 2011 in North America, doing baseline carbon plots and presentations/workshops about the carbon cycle, its importance to water, food security, and climate, and about the opportunity to turn atmospheric carbon into soil organic matter, which is fundamental to human civilization.

Southern Idaho, Montana, and the Dakotas are first. I plan to go as far east as Vermont and Boston (October), and then head south in November, crossing the southern states westward during the winter, reaching California in March or so. Watch this space for updates and itinerary details.

If you or anyone you know is interested in baseline carbon plots or presentations/workshops on the soil carbon opportunity, please contact me. My contact information is at the bottom of the page. To learn more about the Soil Carbon Challenge, go here.



Have a safe and productive trip!

Thanks Royal! A fair amount of interest so far. I hope to see you when I get east. On this trip I am generally available to converse with people on the subject of the soil carbon opportunity, managing the carbon cycle, as well as monitoring.