Carbon cycle workshop in Bennington, Vermont

Carbon Cycle Workshop, Presented by Peter Donovan

Where: One World Conservation Center
413 US Rte. 7 South, Bennington, Vermont 05201
802-447-7419 or visit our website at:
Date: Monday, November 7, 2011
Time: 6:00 pm- 9:00 pm
Suggested donation - $10.00 per person
The Soil Carbon Coalition’s research suggests…

The current situation over much of the world is this:
• There is not enough carbon (organic matter) in and on the soil.
• There is not enough water in the soil.
• There is too much carbon in the atmosphere. (i.e. Carbon dioxide and methane)
• There is too much water in the atmosphere.
These facts are leading to desertification and food insecurity. The first two combine with the
second two to form a vicious circle, with reinforcing feedback. The more water and carbon in the
atmosphere, the less in the soil, generally. The less the soil is able to hold water and carbon, and
grow protective and productive vegetation, the more water and carbon in the atmosphere. Both
water and carbon cycles are accelerated. The only exit from the vicious circle is to get more
carbon in the soil. Water will follow. If this can occur, the vicious circle turns virtuous! The
more water and carbon in the soil, the less will be in the atmosphere!

Peter Donovan has herded sheep, and worked in the woods, agriculture, and cattle ranching.
Since 1996 he has reported on innovative natural resource stewards, and most of his articles can
be found on He lives in Enterprise, Wallowa County, Oregon, but
is currently on the road in a school bus setting up soil carbon monitoring around North America.